Autoneum maintains regular, open communication with all stakeholders and relevant parties, in particular with investors, financial analysts and representatives of banks and the media. Communication takes place through the Annual Report and Semi-Annual Report, the Corporate Responsibility Report, the Annual General Meeting1 and usually one media conference on the financial results of the previous financial year and a videoconference on the half-year results.

Shareholders and the capital market are informed by media releases of significant changes and developments in the Company. Price-sensitive facts are published in accordance with the ad hoc publicity requirements of SIX Swiss Exchange. In addition, Autoneum maintains communication with investors, financial analysts and representatives of the media at corresponding events. Should shareholders and other interested parties wish to automatically receive the media releases, they may register at www.autoneum.com/media/subscription-media.

Reporting on the 2023 financial year includes the Annual Report, the Corporate Responsibility Report, a media release and a presentation. A hard copy of the Annual Report and of the Corporate Responsibility Report can be ordered by shareholders using the form enclosed with the invitation to the Annual General Meeting. They are also available for download no later than 20 days prior to the Annual General Meeting at www.autoneum.com/investor-relations/financial-reports (Annual Report 2023) and www.autoneum.com/corporate-responsibility/ (Corporate Responsibility Report 2023), respectively. At the Annual General Meeting1, the Board of Directors and the Group Executive Board provide information on the annual accounts and the course of business and answer shareholders’ questions.

Sources of information

Autoneum provides extensive information to all interested parties. This is available online via the following links:

  1. Due to the situation in connection to the coronavirus and the respective ordinances from the Swiss Government, the Annual General Meetings of March 25, 2020 and March 25, 2021 and March 23, 2022 were held under exclusion of physical participation of the shareholders.