Committed to environment, people and society

Autoneum views its commitment and its efforts to treat the environment, people and society responsibly as part of its long-term obligation to future generations. As part of its Advance Sustainability strategy, a number of projects and measures were implemented again in 2023 in order to meet the comprehensive Group-wide environmental, social and ethical goals. Autoneum reports on the key developments and achievements in these areas annually in its Corporate Responsibility Report, which is based on the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Autoneum’s Corporate Responsibility Report 2023 was published at the same time as Autoneum’s Annual Report 2023.

Autoneum’s Advance Sustainability strategy contains a number of ambitious environmental, social and ethical goals that apply to the entire Group. Accordingly, a number of measures were implemented again in 2023, both at the global and the local level, in the area of corporate responsibility and important progress was made in terms of the four strategic focal areas of sustainable products and processes, fair and attractive workplace, good corporate citizenship and responsible supply chain management.

In addition to joining UN global co leading global initiatives, such as the UN Global Compact for sustainable economic development, which is sponsored by the United Nations, Autoneum implemented a number of projects to further improve the resource and energy efficiency of products and processes at its global locations. In addition, the Company introduced Autoneum Blue, a new sustainability label. Components marked with the Blue label use recycled materials while also protecting the oceans and assuming social responsibility. Other highlights and results can be found in Autoneum’s Corporate Responsibility Report 2023.

The sustainability label Autoneum Pure was launched in 2020 and designates technologies with an excellent environmental performance across all four stages of the product life cycle, from material procurement to production and use to the end of vehicle life.

Thanks to their light weight, high content of recycled materials, sustainable production process and great end-of-life recyclability, Autoneum Pure technologies have a significantly better carbon footprint than virgin material and contribute to reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions of vehicles.

Components based on Pure technologies feature the following characteristics:

  • Partially or entirely made from recycled materials
  • Production cut-offs are reclaimed, processed and reused again
  • Significantly lighter than comparable standard components
  • Recyclable

The sustainability label Autoneum Blue was introduced in 2023 and combines the use of recycled materials with protecting the oceans and social responsibility. It is a continuation of the LABEL blue by Borgers®, which was originally launched by Borgers Automotive. Following the acquisition of the German automotive supplier in April 2023, Autoneum has fully integrated the label into its sustainable product portfolio.

In order to qualify for the Autoneum Blue label, components must be based on materials that consist of at least 30% recycled PET that was collected from coastal areas within a 50-kilometer range of the water. In this way, the products make an important contribution to preventing plastic pollution in the oceans.

In addition, the process of collecting the PET bottles must be socially responsible and comply with human rights, and traceable procurement of the bottle flakes must be guaranteed.

The Autoneum Blue label complements Autoneum’s ongoing activities to continuously reduce water consumption in all areas of its operations as outlined in the Company’s sustainability strategy, making it another important step in Autoneum’s contribution to a more sustainable future of mobility.

In principle, Autoneum Blue components can be based on any Autoneum technology that contains recycled polyester fibers. The following polyester-based products are currently available under the Autoneum Blue label: