6 Shareholders’ participatory rights

Voting restrictions

Autoneum Holding Ltd imposes no voting restrictions.

Statutory quorum

General Meetings of shareholders adopt resolutions with the absolute majority of represented voting shares unless the law or Articles of Association* stipulate otherwise. Remuneration is approved with the majority of votes cast regardless of potential abstentions.

Convocation of General Meeting, agenda publication, voting proxies

General Meetings of shareholders are called through publication in the Swiss Commercial Gazette by the Board of Directors at least 20 days prior to the event, with details of the agenda, pursuant to §8 of the Articles of Association*. Pursuant to §9 of the Articles of Association*, shareholders representing shares with a par value of at least CHF 20 000 can request the inclusion on the agenda of an item for discussion, with details of the relevant motions, by a closing date published by the Company. Shareholders who do not attend General Meetings personally can arrange to be represented by another shareholder by written power of attorney or by the independent voting proxy by issuing written power of attorney and instructions pursuant to the signed registration form or electronically via the platform at https://autoneum.shapp.ch. The independent voting proxy is elected annually by the Annual General Meeting. Lic. iur. Ulrich B. Mayer, Attorney-at-Law, shall hold office as independent voting proxy until the closure of the 2023 Annual General Meeting.

Entries in the shareholders’ register

In order to ensure an orderly procedure, the Board of Directors fixes the reference date shortly before the shareholders’ meeting, by which time shareholders need to be entered in the share register in order to exercise their participation rights at the meeting. This reference date is published in the Swiss Commercial Gazette together with the invitation to the General Meeting.